How To Answer Cabin Crew Questions During Your Interview ?

Cabin Crew Interview Tips

Cabin Crew Interview Tips

So how do you answer your SIA Cabin Crew questions during your 1 to 1 stage or even the management ? I’ll give an example on how you can answer the questions with flair here on one of the most common questions in your SIA Interview.

“How Do You Motivate Yourself As A Cabin Crew ?”

So.. how do you answer this question ?

Before you get all lost, I want you to come experience a little “Cabin Crew life” for a while…

There was this incident, where a stewardess friend of mine was handed a “air sick bag” by one of her passengers. The passenger is one of the army boys who had just completed their training overseas and returning to Singapore.

This was what was written:

“Dear Miss Air Stewardess, thank you for spending the time early morning with us, when others are sleeping. Thank you for serving us, when some of us are too tired to help ourselves. Thank you for smiling at us, when all we needed was someone to do just that to make our day. Thank you for the steps you take down each aisle to check on us, even when nobody seemed to notice you. Thank you for giving me this pen to write, although i wish i had something more proper to write on. : ) You mean A LOT on each plane ride. May you live your destiny each day. Happy New Year”

Now… imagine how would it feel like to receive this from a passenger ?

In fact, according to my friend… this passenger never even leave his name…

Here’s my SIA Cabin Crew Interview Tips for today… do you really think it is about you traveling, seeing the world that gives you motivation ?

Nope… it doesn’t…

Sure.. you can say its the money and all.. but I am sure yu wouldn’t want that to be your answer right ? That is just too… straight forward.. keke…

The “cash” however can be a secondary factor.. but what if you answer like this:

it really is.. the smile and the warmth that you leave inside each and every passenger after every flight. It tells you that you have made their day… and knowing that they can enjoy their holiday because of you… and you knew in you.. your smile has light up hundreds of happy faces…

To me.. that is the biggest form of motivation.. well.. of course… money and traveling are a secondary factor that adds up everything..

Does that make a good answer ? It sure does… and it shows your personality too.

I guess.. this will give you an idea… on this question of motivation… and how you should answer your question during your 1 to 1 interview or any other questions posted during your management etc =)

I hope you enjoy this post… and do feel free to comment ^^

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  1. Emily Leong Says:

    Hi Kristine,

    yes, you did a good advice on how to answer interviewer! what a successful stewardess.. cheers!

    Emily ~_~


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