Maximum Age For Cabin Crew Interview

Cabin Crew Interview Tips

Cabin Crew Interview Tips

I’ve received a lot of questions by many cabin crew hopefuls asking what is the maximum age for cabin crew interview. Well, the truth is, it is not written down in black and white… and until they do so, we can’t really speculate anything.

Now before you continue reading this post, again, I have to state that this is my personal opinion and has nothing to do with the company or does it serve as an official statement.

Nonetheless, here is my take and I’ll take the world’s best airline(in my opinion), SIA as an example.

SIA separates its cabin crew crew into stewardess/steward(blue), leading(green), chief(red) and supervisor(purple).

So obviously, when you are recruited or chosen by the company, you will be going through the 4 month training, 6 month probation and the contract term for being a cabin crew with the company is 5 years.

Now, another thing that I wish to bring up is that the company likes to keep its fleet and crew young, having to portray the fresh, youthful and energetic approach to customer service. In other words, image and impressions.

If you take the 2 ingredients into consideration, then, can you imagine a 37 year old wearing blue ? I mean, for guys is still generally alright but for girls ?

Because it is contract based, it also means that you will most likely serve only a single term if you are going in at an older age… ie, if you go in at 30, then by the time you finish the contract, you will be 35 years old… so then again, will this be a good age for contract renewal and continue wearing blue for the next 3 – 5 years.

I mean, seriously… can you imagine seeing an SIA cabin crew who is wearing blue at age 40 ?

I seriously doubt so…

Ok, now then.. we know that you are eligible for promotion after 3 years of flying… which would then fit the age range of leading, ie, 34 years old leading stewardess – Of course there are a lot younger leading stewardess, some even at 28, but they are able to do so because they join the company at 21 or 22 years old.

and for informational purposes, it is not easy to get promoted. This is because, a complex leader have great responsibility and you must be really good and ready to take on leadership roles and have ample knowledge on board to get this promotion… after all, they recruit and train only the best.

Then again, the question would then boil down to, how good are you to fit into and get promoted in your short term with the company in order to balance the “wheel” ?

So there are a lot of factors that needs to be taken in when you balance your age, what you can offer the company with your service… and the very reason why they should pick you.

If you are going for your cabin crew interview, do take this into consideration because it matters to your chances as well as you personal future. ie: if you don’t get promoted to fit the the position criteria, you will be at a premium age… so.. what are you going to do now ?

I mean.. lets say… you are so convincing.. and very very VERY good, and they feel that had to recruit you despite you are 32 years of age… then again.. after contract, you are still “blue”… so, at 37… will you still be finding jobs outside ?

These are some of the factors that you need to think about… and I believe the company does take that into consideration and not want you to fall into that situation too.

So here is my personal opinion as no official cut off age was ever released. And for me, this applies to a lot of other airlines and not just SIA… but then again, each individual company policy is different, depending on the route the company is heading towards.

To me, If you want to be a cabin crew… I would say, your best bet is to go before 30 years old. That way, you can have buffer for promotion and to blend into the position. In the case that your contract was never renew, you still have a lot of options to venture into later on in your career.

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