SIA Cabin Crew Interview Tips

Cabin Crew Interview Tips

Cabin Crew Interview Tips

A lot of people ask me about SIA Cabin Crew Interview Tips and how to actually breeze past the selections and recruitment exercise.

After intensive research and talking to a lot of fellow crews, the secret to getting past your SIA cabin crew interviews is really your personality. In fact, I’ll even go as far as to say, this applies to all other airlines as well.

Believe it or not, a lot of people think that being pretty and beautiful is one of the things SIA or an airline company is looking for, but how wrong can that be. If you are a gorgeous looking model… but an ice queen, you will still not get the job.

Remember, it is all about service… and in service, you will need to interact with customers… and passengers… so… if you cannot portray that friendly personality of yours… then your chances of getting past the SIA cabin crew interview is as good as 0.

In other words… no matter how pretty or beautiful you are… if you don’t have what they are look for.. a pleasant and interactive personality.. then.. its just too bad.

Here are some cabin crew interview tips to aid you:

- Always carry a smile
- Always speak with confidence
- Be honest
- Illustrate your points with examples
- Never be negative
- Show interest
- Interact with interviewer (especially during management)

Hope this helps…. and Good Luck ^^

If you are serious about getting past your Cabin Crew Interview, the Cabin Crew secrets manual will show you exactly how to get past your Cabin Crew Interview in a breeze. It contains some of the most profound techniques to increasing your chance in an interview by unleashing all your brilliance and making you irresistible to the interviewer.

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4 Responses to “SIA Cabin Crew Interview Tips”

  1. Jeff Says:


    I am 33 this year, do you think SIA will hire me? :p




  2. Miss Hui Says:

    Hello Kristine,

    First of all,i would like to say thank you for willing to share your knowledge and experience with us.:)

    I have purchase your Secret Manual but i was unsuccessful when i made the payment with my credit card.Anyhow,will check it out.I must get the book no matter how hehe…

    By the way,i have some question want to ask you. Is there any age limitation when SIA choose their candidate? I’m now 26 years old,am i eligible for this post? and If i success,when should i start the training programme because i have to give my management two months notice if i want to resign. Is it two months still acceptable?



  3. Fion Liu Says:

    i would like to ask how much is the cabin crew interview secrets book?


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